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Why Regular Chiropractic Care Makes So Much Sense

By Kevin Donka, DC If someone is very hungry and he eats some food, will his hunger go away? The answer is, yes - if he eats enough of it. But, is the purpose of food to get rid of hunger?  If someone eats food regularly, will it keep her from becoming excessively hungry again? The answer is, yes - if she eats enough of it consistently. But, is the purpose of food to prevent hunger? Even though eating food is a very effective strategy for decreasing or even eliminating hunger temporarily, hunger will always return over time. This is the nature of life. As we use up the nutrients contained in our food, our bodies require more food to continue operating at peak efficiency, and so we become hungry again. And, even though eating food consistently can be a good way to keep from getting too hungry, it would be ridiculous to say that the purpose of food is to...
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Can We Talk About Symptoms?

By Dr. Ogi Ressel, DC Most of us were raised following what has been called "the medical model" - if I feel good I'm healthy and if I feel bad I'm sick. A simplification, but you get the idea. If there is anything that modern science has shown us it's that such a statement is completely false. So what is the key to health? If we could put health into a formula, it might look something like this: Health = wholeness + function + time Let's go deeper. many of you reading this have all of the parts that you started with? Missing tonsils, an appendix, a gallbladder, or a uterus? We cannot control what parts we have (or have left). Wholeness is not the key. Time...we certainly can't control time, especially the...
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The Problem With Chiropractors

By Tim Langley, D.C.

“The problem with chiropractors is that they want you to come for the rest of your life.”

Have you ever wondered why Chiropractors want their patients to receive lifetime care? Most folks that do go to chiropractors don’t understand why. And unfortunately, most chiropractors don’t explain why to their patients, current and prospective. If they did, you’d hear a totally different perspective from the consuming public about going to the chiropractor.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the chiropractic profession has done a good job of creating awareness of Chiropractic as an effective remedy for back pain, neck pain, cricks, aches and strains. And while it is very effective at dealing with those problems, its real value is barely recognized. Many people think of chiropractors as “back doctors.” The truth is that the “back” or spine is merely the vehicle...
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