By Anthony J. DeCosta, D.C.

One of my early Chiropractic professors and mentors was Thomas L. Whitehorne, D.C.  Dr. Whitehorne was a highly recognized Chiropractic educator and a sage of Chiropractic philosophy.

One of Dr. Whitehorne’s favorite sayings was, “In a Chiropractic office, the impossible occurs everyday… – miracles take a little longer!”

The stories written here are the actual accounts of how Chiropractic care helped and, in some cases, – completely changed these patient’s lives.  These patients wrote their stories in the hope that by sharing their Chiropractic experiences they might help others experience a more healthy and fulfilled life.

It should be noted that while many of these cases presented with various types of symptoms and problems, at no time were these patients being treated specifically for any disease or condition.  Instead, all these patients were being attended to have their vertebral subluxations corrected.  (Vertebral subluxation(s) interferes with the body’s vital life energy (Innate Intelligence)and results in malfunction, disorder and dis-ease.)  By correcting vertebral subluxations through Chiropractic adjustments, the Innate Power within the body is released so that, in turn, the Wisdom that created the body is free to express itself and carry on the process of repair and restoration, resulting in a state of true health and wellness.

If you would like to share how Chiropractic care has helped you, please feel free to submit your story to us as well.  We will be happy to share it with others.


It all started about a year and a half ago when I began having chest pains.  I had been going to my family doctor who, at first, prescribed Valium because he thought it was my nerves due to the fact that I was getting married in a few weeks.  I went back before my wedding with the same complaint, and I was given another form of Valium and two muscle relaxers.  This only made me sleepy.   After my honeymoon, the pains got worse.  It wasn’t only in the chest any longer, it was running down my left arm and leg too.  I began to think something was seriously wrong with me.  I felt no relief and I was taking five different pills every four hours.  My pharmacy bill from September 1979 to March 1980 was over $135.00.  So, I went to another doctor – a cardiologist.  He did a stress test and an echocardiogram.  That trip cost me $144.00 for the office visit and another $350.00 for the tests.  He told me it was a pinched nerve in my neck and that I would have to wear a neck brace.

Then, my brother told me about Chiropractic.  At first, I didn’t believe this could help me.  However, after all I had been through, I decided it was worth a try.

My x-rays showed a bad neck as a result of a car accident I had six years ago.  I started going for adjustments three times a week for four weeks and soon the pain started to subside.  Now, it has been three months that I have been seeing Dr. DeCosta, and I’m happy to say I have no chest pains and feel better all the way around.  I am also off all the medication I was taking, as I have no need of it.

Chiropractic isn’t a fast process – it takes time.  But, isn’t your body and health worth it ?  The moral of the story is… you’ve tried the rest, now try the best, to feel healthier, happier and to save your money.

Barbara D.


A stiff neck that would not go away on its own brought us to Dr. Anthony DeCosta.

At the time, our son was having some neck problems related to working in small cramped areas at his job.  He told us he was finding relief with chiropractic adjustments and recommended we pay a visit to his chiropractor, Dr. DeCosta.

And so, our initial visit turned into a regular weekly visit.  We became educated through the Chiropractic educational program that was made available to us.  The whole idea behind the program was that chiropractic adjustments were not only for when you had a problem, but were a way to maintain preventative health and wellness.

We continued with our initial intensive and rehabilitative stages of care and now twenty-six years have gone by and we still come each week to be checked.  We have no major illnesses to speak of.  We believe that keeping our bodies in good physical shape and our minds spiritually fed is our responsibility.

When my father came to live with us at the age of eighty years, we brought him along to see Dr. DeCosta also.  He lived to be ninety-six years old and always walked out of Dr. DeCosta’s office standing straight and tall.

I guess you could say we believe in chiropractic adjustments and continue to tell this good news to others.

Carol and Lee C.


Chiropractic has a meaning of its own – but to me, it means my two little girls – Kristen and Kimberly.  I would not have an eight year old and a five year old without Chiropractic and Dr. DeCosta.

I was one of Dr. DeCosta’s first patients.  I started going to him for other ailments, never thinking a Chiropractor could help me carry a pregnancy.  I had lost three pregnancies in two years, and my gynecologist could not come up with any physical reason why I wasn’t able to carry a baby.  So, my husband and I were going through adoption proceedings.  In fact, we were already approved and just waiting for that final call that said we could come and pick up our baby, when I became pregnant for the fourth time.  As my pregnancy neared that critical time when I had lost the other babies (in the fourth month), I continued seeing Dr. DeCosta on a weekly basis.  I could not have had a more normal pregnancy and in the spring of 1981, I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.  And, in March of 1984, I had another beautiful baby girl!  No one can convince me that these little girls are truly not Chiropractic Babies!!  They each were only four days old when Dr. DeCosta adjusted them, and they have been healthy and happy babies and now little girls.

We still come to Dr. DeCosta on a weekly basis, and with God’s Blessing, will continue for many, many years.

Mary P.