What if You Only Got One Vehicle?

A colleague and teacher of mine stated that many people think that the purpose of a vehicle is to go from one place to another. But does it do you any good if your car goes somewhere without you in it? The real purpose of a vehicle is to take WHAT’S INSIDE to where it is meant to be!

What if you only got one car when you turned 16 and it had to last you your whole life? How well would you care for it? Would you take it in for regular tune-ups and maintenance? Would you use the highest quality gas and other fluids? Or would you pour soda in the gas tank and only have a mechanic look at your car after a crisis of some sort? Fortunately, if your car breaks down you can always get another one.

You are only given one body. How well are you taking care of it? What do you put in it? How are you using, abusing, or not using it? Do you take better care of your car than you do your body?

Chiropractic is not about dealing with a crisis. Chiropractic is about helping to restore and maintain alignment and function in your spine, in order to re-establish and maintain the neurological CONNECTIONS between your brain and your body. You can then resume purposefully ORGANIZING all of the parts of your body to work harmoniously together and consistently grow stronger and healthier every day.

What this means for most people is: more energy, improved physical performance, more efficient thinking and learning, a better ability to handle stress, improved sleep, better digestion, the ability to obtain greater value from exercise and proper nutrition, improved relationships, a potential increase in income earning capacity, better immune function, better health, etc. — basically the ability to enjoy life more.

So, would you rather look and perform like this?

old car


new car

Thank you Stamatis Tsamoutalidis, DC for this article