Chiropractic Connections

By John Marc, Pathways Magazine Editor

The Electrical Nature of the Body

Honoring the electrical nature of the human being invites us to explore our heart’s magnetic field and the potential it has to create coherence in our mind and life. When we think of a body, we usually think of flesh and bone and the many separate parts that make up the whole. But when we begin to view the world around us through the heart, the ‘parts’ of our body dissolve, along with the objects and people around us, into a unified field of wholeness.

Chiropractors work with the nervous system and the electrical nature of the human organism. With electricity in the body, surrounding fields of energy must also exist which can be felt and worked with. Chiropractors lead people to recognize the electrical nature of our body by correcting subluxations and aligning the nervous system in a physical, tangible way. This adjustment gives the electro-magnetic field of a person of any age the ability to better harmonize with their inner and outer environment.

A New Stress Mindset

Stress in life has been targeted as a major source of most ailments in life. Your Chiropractor’s office, as well as your Medical Doctor’s office may both agree on this point. But there appears to be a caveat to this largely accepted conclusion about stress and the caveat is this: stress can be the cause of disease…but it is also the cause of things like well-being, growth, joy, and love.

Knowing the truth of this paradox, we can learn to ‘take in’ stress in a way that reflects its positive potential for our lives. This is where chiropractic comes in. Subluxation is a helpful sign that your body has been taking in stress negatively over a sustained period of time. If the same stressor were received by the body harmoniously, we would not experience the pain of subluxation, because the subluxation wouldn’t exist! The fact is we are not trained to harmoniously receive stress in our life, neither on a physical/chemical level nor on a mental/emotional level through what Kelly McGonigal, in Pathways issue 55, calls the appropriate “stress mindset.” Furthermore, even if we were masters of stress, physically, chemically, and mentally, there can always be accidents that happen outside our control.

Chiropractic has the ability to re-align our nervous system to its innate potential, which is simply the potential to take in stress constructively. The elegant aspect of adjustments to the nervous system through chiropractic is that not only the physical/chemical pathways, but also the emotional and mental pathways are reintegrated toward greater balance.

Normal Physiology

Chiropractic is a pillar of well being for children today. Realigning the nervous system to enhance function can offer help in the developing child in all areas of life, including their quality of sleep. Many parents who report irritability, colic, irritable bowels, and many other negative stressors in their children often report improvements after presenting their children with chiropractic care. Sleep is a time when the brain waves enter a frequency that allows the body to restore and rejuvenate. The mechanisms of sleep are still largely a mystery, but we can be sure that the nervous system is a prominent piece of the puzzle. The beauty of chiropractic care is how it honors normal physiology. Chiropractors don’t treat illnesses; they restore normal physiology so that all systems connected to the nervous system can function as nature designed them to