Q?I Feel Okay And Don’t Have Any Symptoms, So Why Do I Need A Chiropractor?

Just feeling okay isn’t a true indicator of health. Symptoms don’t start the moment the first cancer cell invades the body, but we all know that the earlier the condition is detected, the better the chances for recovery. Likewise, we all know the story of the man who passed a physical exam with flying colors and then had a heart attack on the way home from the doctor’s office. “He was healthy as a horse!” is the phrase most commonly heard.

The truth is that healthy people don’t die!   They just have undiagnosed conditions that have no symptoms. Regular adjustments take care of small, unfelt problems before they have a chance to become big ones.

So before you have to be carried into our office, come in for regular spinal check-ups. Doesn’t that sound like the right thing to do?

Q?I Don’t Have The Time To Come In For All Those Adjustments. Are They Really Necessary?

The ever-increasing demands of life leave many of us wishing we could be in more and more places at the same time. It’s difficult sometimes to balance work, family, and recreation. Now your chiropractor tells you that you’ve got to drag your spine into the office so many times a week!

Wouldn’t it be nice if a chiropractor could undo a lifetime of neglect or the results of an injury or an accident by giving you a bottle of adjustments to take at home! Although symptoms can often be relieved relatively quickly, lasting spinal corrections require time.

Each adjustment builds upon the effects of all the previous adjustments, just like a mason putting bricks in a wall. Chiropractic helps give your body the chance to heal itself properly by restoring the full nerve supply •and the function needed for the job.

Yes, it’s difficult.  Yes, it’s time-consuming.  Yes, it costs money! Yet it’s more difficult, more time-consuming, and more expensive in the long run, in terms of health and money, not to make your spinal correction and maintenance your number one priority now!

Q?What If My Insurance Doesn’t Cover Chiropractic?

Many insurance companies won’t cover routine or maintenance visits. Likewise, many patients’ benefits are cut off before the underlying cause of their condition is fully corrected. The insurance companies would rather bet their money against your health by waiting until you’re sick before paying for your care. Perhaps this should be called “sickness insurance” not “health insurance.”

Nowadays, with HMO’s, PPO’s, private insurances, high deductibles and the like, many people have little or no chiropractic insurance coverage. Understand that insurance companies are in “cost containment” and they will usually cover much less treatment than you actually need to fully correct the underlying cause of your condition.

What good is the best insurance in the world if the treatment it covers only masks your symptoms rather than correcting the underlying cause of your problem? Chiropractic is unique among the healing professions.  No other physicians are trained to remove the source of nerve interference, thus allowing your body to heal itself! There isn’t a drug in the whole world that can move a hard bone off a soft tender nerve, and restore the spine’s normal function.

If you wait for symptoms to begin, your condition has had a chance to progress. A good example is to ignore a painless loose filling until you wait just long enough to turn a hundred-dollar filling into a thousand dollar root canal! A little care now can save you a lot in pain, suffering, and dollars later on! Now that’s “HEALTH INSURANCE!”

Q?Are There Any Age Limits On Who Can Be Adjusted?

No.  As long as you are living, breathing and have a spine anyone can be adjusted.  We often say that people can be adjusted “from the womb to the tomb!”

That is not to say that everyone can be adjusted the same way.  How one would adjust an adult is different from how you would adjust a senior citizen, which is different from how you would adjust an infant or a child.  The technique used is suited to the patient and each patient is different.

Q?Is It True That Chiropractors Oppose The Use Of All Medications?

Absolutely not!  There is a time and a place for everything.

What chiropractors generally say is when it comes to healing, try to be as conservative and non-invasive as possible.  We have a rule of thumb which says Chiropractic – First; Medicine – Second; and Surgery – Last!

Why Chiropractic First?  Because it is non-invasive.  We put nothing into the body and take nothing from the body.  We work strictly with the body and its own Innate healing capability.

Now, sometimes the body can’t do it on its own and it needs a little help.  That’s when medicine should come into play.  And certainly surgery should be a last resort.  No one ever became more whole by becoming less complete!